The Comic

Breathless is a fantasy/action comic that tells the story of Jesse Williams, an average teenager with an unusual problem. He's just found out that he has a twin brother, and now it's up to him to save the world from falling into an ancient war. Breathless began in the spring of 2007 and, as of 2014,  updates on a weekly basis.
The World
Carasonians, as they are called, are a species evolved from dragons. They once lived in a world separate from Earth, but in the early 1980s a portal opened between the two worlds. Called "the rift," this allowed Carasonians to escape their war-torn home to Earth. They mostly populate large cities in the United States, but have been known to also have clans across the globe.

Carasonians separate themselves into small family groups, or clans, and own pieces, or "territories", of the cities they live in. By declaring territories it reduces the fighting amongst clans for property.

A "halfbred" is a nickname for anyone who has one Carasonian parent and one Human parent. Their physical features usually include light colored hair and eyes, a slightly smaller frame and a paler skin tone then their "fullbred" counterparts. 


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