Jesse Thomas Williams ("White")

Our story’s protagonist, Jesse doesn't take well to change and often avoids precarious, dangerous situations. That is, of course, until he finds himself thrust into what he thinks is his worst nightmare. Now it's up to him to figure out the truth before it's too late.

Timmothy Jacob "T.J." Banes ("Shadow")

Upbeat and personable, T.J. has come to accept that he is a half-bred and takes full advantage of it. It's more than can be said for his twin brother, Jesse, whom he's just met for the first time. He's also rigorously trained and jumps at action whenever the chance strikes.

Cecillia ("Scorch")

Raised by her older brother, Eclipse, she ranks as second-in-command in the clan and has the skills to back it up. Tough as a front, though, she is genuinely sweet and caring when it comes to her loved ones. But make no mistake, if you threaten her clan, she will not hesitate to beat the snot out of you.


Calm and collected, Eclipse is a powerful and dangerous force to be reckoned with. As the leader of the clan, he always seems to know what's going on and takes it upon himself to train the twins, Jesse and T.J. Past the physical scars, he is a very strong, quiet and caring individual.

Edward "Brand" Helmich III

Brand doesn't take well to new people. His transition with the twins, especially Jesse, is difficult at first. Cold and distant by nature, Brand tends to express his dominance through sarcasm. Buddy considers him his best friend, even if he finds Buddy's antics obnoxious.

Adast "Buddy" Hering

Energetic and easily excitable, Buddy is the clown of the group. He is always smiling and trying to make others laugh, especially stick-in-the-mud Brand. Growing up during a time of war and famine in his homeland, Buddy ran away at a young age and was adopted by a human family.

The White Prince

The Dark Prince

Susan Williams